Services Offered

Recreational Vegan Cooking Lessons 
A cooking class is a great activity to do with a group for special occasions like bridal celebrations, birthday parties, or just for fun! Private lessons also make great gifts. Lessons will vary depending on your level of experience and comfort in the kitchen. I teach one on one and group lessons in a variety of topics from appetizers to gluten free baking to ethnic cuisines and more!  Classes are typically 2 – 3 hours.




Basics of Healthy Eating – Cooking 101

(perfect for people making dietary changes for health or for food allergies) 

This program is designed to get you on the road to eating healthy and feeling your best!  The lessons are customizable to your own individual learning needs. You’ll learn how to cook plant based, whole foods in the comfort of your own home so that you feel confident using your equipment and supplies. In this multi part series, we won’t just follow recipes, we’ll create new dishes from scratch. I’ll teach you my favorite tips and tricks for preparing meals with prowess, including basic knife skills and understanding flavor balance. We’ll prepare only plant based foods, but the techniques learned and confidence gained can be transferred to any type of cooking. 

The series starts with an introduction to cooking with whole foods, in which you’ll learn how to restock and reshape your pantry to eliminate processed foods, understand label reading, and learn about healthy alternatives to some of your favorite “junk” foods.  I know how scary and intimidating it can be to change your eating habits (I know because I’ve done it! I haven’t always eaten as healthy as I do now), especially if you’ve recently discovered you have a food allergy or intolerance. We’ll work together step by step and I’ll hold your hand through the process so that navigating a new world of natural foods is made easy.



Would you like to eat healthy at home? 

Personal Chef Services 

  • More time to spend doing the things you love.
  • Get nourished with wholesome food, using high quality ingredients and organic produce.
  • Restaurant experience in the privacy and intimacy of your own home. No sitting in traffic, waiting for a table, waiting for service or enduring distractions from other diners or a loud atmosphere.
  • Meals prepared in your kitchen, packaged in your refrigerator or freezer with re-heating instructions.

Personal chef service is great if you:

  1. want to eat healthy, but don’t have time to cook;
  2. don’t enjoy or don’t know how to cook;
  3. are recovering from illness;
  4. are transitioning to a vegan or natural foods lifestyle, or want to lose some weight/inches;
  5. have high stress, fatigue, and/or digestive issues and don’t know what to eat;
  6. would prefer to have someone with knowledge of nutritious, healing foods do the work for you so that you don’t have to!

Service is tailored to your specific needs.

Dinner Party Service
Celebrating a special occasion? I can help with that too!  I will plan a customized menu and shop for the freshest and highest quality ingredients available.  I will come to your home at our scheduled time and prepare a buffet style or multi-course seat down meal for you and your guests (from 2 to 12 people max).You’ll have the benefit of home cooked meals designed specifically to your tastes and save time in your busy schedule. I will do all the planning, shopping and cooking, and leave your kitchen clean when all is done.

If you’ve been looking for a convenient way to get your family and friends to the table without the hassle of cooking and clean up, this is the perfect service for you. Service will vary based on your individual needs.

**A travel fee may be added to all services depending on location.






Personal chef services and cooking lessons can be paired with holistic wellness coaching so that you can make lasting changes to your health and live a more vibrant, stress free life!  Contact me for a FREE Consultation and to learn more. 




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